Our Mission
To create the best, most valuable and most innovative events to provide our customers sustainable competitive advantages with excellent industrial platform of trade, source and networking.。
Our Vision
To become a reliable and innovative business partner for our clients through the delivery of conferences, trainings, consulting and other value added service.
Our Value
For Clients: Create value through seamless communication to realize win-win situation.

For Events: Pursue innovation and high quality, strive for excellence constantly.

Are you seeking job position full of challenges and opportunities? If so, Hanteuer is a place where you can translate all your experience, knowledge and passion into business achievements.
  • Sales Executive Requirements:
    • Aggressive, confident and passionate
    • Self-discipline, hardworking and enthusiastic
    • Have a strong desire to learn knowledge and to make fortune
    • Excellent communication skills in both English and Chinese
    • Have an acute sense of business
  • Event Producer Requirements:
    • Bachelor degree or above
    • Proficient in both English and Chinese
    • Have an acute sense of business
    • Excellent communicator with confidence on the telephone communication
    • Excellent writing skills
    • The ability to complete projects to tight deadlines
    Fresh graduates will be considered
    Our Services

    • “According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China cosmetics market reached 162.5 billion CNY in 2013, with a 13.3% growth. With the development of citilization in China and the improvement of national income, the next five years will still be the golden age of Chinese cosmetics market, and 15% growth is expected.”
      Cosmetics R&D and Technology Cooperation 2014,
    • “Seeing this, international giants accelerate their market layout in China. How can national Chinese cosmetics company making further development and improve themselves in the global brand value chain? We believe that the adjustment of industry structure, the improvement of product innovation and the promotion of brand value will be the core development strategy for local companies.”
      Cosmetics R&D and Technology Cooperation 2014,
    • “With the success of Cosmetics R&D and Technology Cooperation 2013, Cosmetics R&D and Technology Cooperation 2014 will be held this July in Guangzhou, China. The summit will bring together both Chinese and foreign officers, experts, industry associations and enterprise representatives from government organizations, testing and auditing organizations, cosmetic manufacturers, OEM/ODMs, ingredient and raw material providers, research institutes to intensively discuss all related topics you are interested, with the theme of “New Materials, New Technology, New Evaluation”. You may grasp market trends, understand technology achievements and expanding business cooperation from the event. ”
      Cosmetics R&D and Technology Cooperation 2013,