Conferences & Summits
Global corporations can learn the latest industry trends, the most authoritative analysis, the most advanced management method and develop business opportunities on our high-level conferences. Case studies from leading corporations and strong support from government, associations and media are the key ingredients of our conferences that distinguish us from our competitors.

Conference Features
All our conferences are intensive to ensure that your precious time and money are maximized effect. Except for formal speaking sessions, there are always ample opportunities to network with your peers, compare experiences and opportunities, and visit the allied exhibition where relevant suppliers will be on-hand to discuss your issues and provide solutions.
We arrange private and intimate circumstance for both investors and project owners convened in our event platforms for project investment, partner selection and future cooperation.

This kind of custom-made individualized service will maximize you ROI.
It could be very arduous to run your own event, which involves comprehensive know-how on pre-event planning, onsite event delivery and post-event review. Based on our solid industry relationship and proven processes and technologies, our event management team is ready to be appointed as your reliable event management partner. We can prove your events run better and more cost-effective.
    Our value-adding event management service includes:
  • Event objectives defining
  • Event website designing
  • Event budgeting and timeline development
  • Venue selection and auditing
  • Speaker acquisition and delegates invitation
  • Logistics coordination
  • Translation, printing and A/V service sourcing
  • On-site event operation and delivery
  • Post-event review & evaluation
Led by experienced business executives and industry experts, our intensive course is aimed at coping with emerging challenges and technology advancement. We'd like to generate your passion of learning and motivate your potential in a light and closed environment.

Unlike the big scale and big titles in industrial events, our trainings focus on solving the key points and difficulties in daily operation in a intensive way, so that you can apply directly into operation when you get back to work.